We specialize in six core verticals. In these six verticals we’ve gained years of insider knowledge with search engine optimization, search engine marketing, lead generation, web design and digital advertising. To give each client the upper hand, we only work with one company per sector in each city.
The six industries we excel in:

Travel and Tourism
This includes tour operators, accommodation and literally anything to do with tourism. We have even build software for small specialist tourist companies.

This includes activities providers of leisure activities.

Medical and Veterinary
We have worked with Medical and Veterinary clinics in the USA, and UK and established medical and veterinary device companies.

Small Gift Shops
This is a vast area and we do not shy away from this, we are happy to help any company in this unique sector.

Jewelry and Antique Establishments
There are so many small establishments that need help and we try hard to help the small business owner of Jewelry and Antique businesses, helping them grasp the future online.

Small Business
We cater mostly for small business brands, helping them build the creditability online.