My coaching style is warm, positive, supportive, and fun. My own exuberant, enthusiastic, and playful form of happiness is contagious, so almost everyone who works with me gets happier. I believe that part of my job is to help you create strategies, skills, and actions to sustain and build more happiness.

As I Coach you, I will take into account your learning style, communication style, the current issues you’re facing, and your overall goals. I will support your learning and help you develop new awareness and perspectives. I will be your non-judgmental guide, helping you seek clarity your life, relationships, self, and work. My goal is to help you achieve deep awareness about who you are, what you want, what gets in your way, and how to overcome it.

Some of the coaching modalities that you can choose from include: brainstorming, deep questioning (appreciative inquiry), goal setting, personal visioning, role play, observation & feedback, guided imagery, analysis of inventories/assessments, option exploration, planning, and open space for venting emotions.

With most Coaching engagements, when we first start working together, you will select 5 main areas that you want to work on in Coaching.

Prior to each session, you will determine what you’d like to work on in that session. If you cannot determine what to work on in a session, I will help you find a focus for that session.

If you find it helpful, at the beginning of each Coaching session, we will review your actions from the last session to help you create accountability for yourself and to brainstorm ways to overcome barriers you’ve encountered.

As we work together on your chosen focus for the session, I will ask deep questions, provide processes and tools, and utilize inventories and assessments, as applicable, to help you identify your goals and reach them.

In your Coaching sessions, I will create a space in your Coaching sessions where you can:

– Learn about yourself
– Explore possibilities for new ways of behaving, being, and thinking
– Brainstorm possibilities and solutions
– Review and adjust your life and/or career path
– Practice new skills